Poached Apples in Calvados

Total Time
10 mins
40 mins

From *The Carnival Experience* by Peter Leypold ( Exec Chef of Carnival Cruise Lines), here's another French recipe using the humble apple to create an amazingly low-cal & low-fat, but elegant finish for an otherwise heavy meal. My sweet-tooth DH would want a scoop of vanilla ice cream or frozen yogurt w/this, so feel free to indulge that request as desired. (Times have been estimated) *Enjoy* !

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  1. Remove core from apples & peel if desired (I would prefer them unpeeled).
  2. Combine water, Calvados, sugar + cinnamon stick in med saucepan & heat till sugar is dissolved.
  3. Add apples & cook over low-heat till apples are tender (about 25 min) & spoon liquid over apples occ. Carefully remove apples w/a slotted spoon, allow excess liquid to drain & place on individual serving plates.
  4. Cont cooking liquid till reduced by half, spoon over apples, sprinkle w/almonds & serve immediately.