Green Jello Dessert

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5 mins
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Yummy light recipe

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  1. Bring pineapple and jello to a boil. Let stand for 10 minutes. Add in cottage cheese and cool whip, mix well. Let set up in refrigerator.
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This is GREAT stuff !! I loved the light , fruity , fluffy , texture of this . It is soooo yummmy ! I used 1% milk fat cottage cheese , sugar free lime gelatine , and Cool Whip Light . Very easy and just wonderful ! I think any flavor of jello would work with this !

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BLESS YOU!!!! I've been searching for this forever! My Step-Mother's Mother used to make this and I could eat the whole thing by myself(yes I can be an utter pig and selfish too boot at times). She passed away awhile ago and I couldn't find this recipe anywhere! Thank you so much!!!!!