Gelato Con Olio E Sale (Ice Cream With Olive Oil & Sea Salt)

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2 mins
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I have not made this, but I do intend to! It's just too darn tempting. And if it's no good, I'm only out a bowl of vanilla ice cream! This is from Jamie Oliver "Jamie's Italy". Measurements given were vague. Use the best quality Extra virgin olive oil you can find, with a grassy flavor.

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  1. Put a couple of scoops of good quality vanilla ice cream in to a bowl. Drizzle over some very good extra virgin olive oil, and sprinkle with a tiny pinch of sea salt on top.
  2. (He sez: I can't explain what it's like, you'll just have to try it! But it was bloody gorgeous!).
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I was scared to try it, but once I did, I loved it! Such a unique taste!
I think I made the mistake though of using unground sea salt. I used big ol salt crystals in mine, and it was too salty and I had to spit it out.
So, use ground sea salt. :) You'll love it.

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Awesome! This was outstandingly delicious :) It's very satisfying and you really only need a small portion of ice cream to feel satisfied [how great is that?!] As others have mentioned, I can't really explain how this tastes, but it is wonderful. If you are an olive fan you'll enjoy this a lot! I've already eaten this 2 nights in a row! Thanks for posting!

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Annnnnd this is delicious. It is similar to the savory bread and olive oil taste but colder. Slightly bitter on the front, fruity, and nutty. Then smooth and salty where it counts. Sweet finish on the back end. I truly enjoy crusty bread and olive oil. This is glorious. It's kind of like when you have corn or something like that with olive oil. It just takes the sweet/savory combination and adds a surprising temperature adjustment. Yum. I might add rosemary to be cheeky.