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*Reviewed for Aussie Forum Recipe Swap June 2010* Easy to make and very pretty. Holly (6) helped make these and rates them as 'a hundred' and shows 10 fingers :) Photos also to be posted. Thankyou mummamills these are a very pretty party treat. Editting to add...we couldn't get musk lifesavers...but strawberry sundae flavour worked well for us. We also used the white chocolate option

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**Jubes** June 20, 2010

Aussie Swap 39: Made these for my daughter's Girl Scout troop - so cute!

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Mom2Rose April 26, 2010

This looks like a winner! We have cooking tea parties at my party place and this fits beautifully with that theme. We even have all the ingredients on hand from other recipes and that's a bonus! Thanks

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kitchentimeparty February 10, 2009

These are great little treats that young and old alike love and they look fantastic. I made them to go on an edible Christmas village that My son and I made this year. These played the part of a make believe merry go round in the village. I used oreo cookies as that is what I could get, everyone loved the concept and kept saying how cute they looked. They also got no complaints when it came time to eat them everyone had been dying to dig in but I made them wait through Christmas day so the village stayed in one piece. A definite Hit!!!

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The Flying Chef December 30, 2008

These were a HIT!!! with kids and adults alike. ...10 excellent stars ! I used Oreo cookies because we don't have Tic-Toc biscuits here and Wilimenia peppermints hammered in half for the cup handles because Lifesavers were nowhere to be found either. The kids helped with some of them and they were so easy to put together. To stick the handles on the cups I mixed 1 Tablespoon of icing sugar with a enough drops of Orange Flower Water to make a very very thick teaspoon of paste.. ( think bricklayers mortar and you will have the correct consistancy LOL) I then coated the cut edges of the mints and they set in about 20-30 seconds. I did the handles first and then dipped the tops and finially set the "cups" onto the "saucers". Voila ! I already have multiple pleas to make this again, so please see my Rating System: 5 excellent stars ! Thanks!

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kiwidutch November 30, 2008

These are absolutly adorable! I've had this recipe saved in my cookbook for awhile, and when my DD came home from kindergarden singing "I'm a Little Tea Pot" , I knew it was time to make these. They are super easy to make. The only issue I had was the lifesaver sliding down the side of the marshmallow before the icing set. So I suggest you do that step first and lay them on their side to dry, then assemle the rest of the tea cup. I used vanilla wafers for the bottom, and peppermint lifesavers for the handle because they are white like the marshmallows. Too Cute!

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BeccaB#2 November 17, 2008

These are beyond cute! I made them for a birthday party on the weekend and they all vanished. Little Miss (DD) has been feeling a little under the weather and she asked to make these again. So to cheer her up we made them again today. Both occasions we used the white chocolate as the 'glue', they look so impressive, the kids love them and they are so easy to put together (my five year old made a couple herself). Thank you Mummamills for your contribution to the Australia and New Zealand Food Trail (S)

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Chef floWer October 21, 2008
Cuppa Tea