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Great cake! This cake is so moist and melts in your mouth. After 35 minutes the top began to brown and separate, I checked it and it was ready to come out of the oven. The plantains did not really give it much flavor but loved the butter rum glaze. I am going to make this again without boiling the plantains first. Wonderful submission! Good luck Chef!!! -- posted Mar 4, 2006 UPDATE: I need to update this review because the next day, after all the flavors melded... I could taste the plantains, the texture was still perfect, and the rum glaze was divine! I guess it just had to age to perfection! Great Recipe!

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NcMysteryShopper March 25, 2006

Man, oh Man, oh Man.... Bakery Quality, I kid you not. Dynamic flavour. It is recipes such as this that makes me wish my mother were still with me... She loved good coffee cake.... and I am my mother's daughter. I had recently purchased an additional bundt pan because of its quality and design. Your Calypso Coffee Cake looked gorgeous when removed from the pan. As the women in "My Big Fat Greek Wedding" said, "It's a Bundt"! It certainly is. Glazed with your Butter Rum and topped with confectioner's sugar, it boasted a most impressive presentation. A printed copy of your recipe will be included with the Cake when offered in our annual fund raising, bake sale, silent auction. Thank you Chef, for putting your talents to such good use.

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TOOLBELT DIVA March 19, 2006

This recipe was very tasty - but on the dry side. I think some addition of vegetable oil to the batter (or some other form of liquid) might make a more moist cake. I noticed even the batter was very thick.

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Trisha W March 02, 2006

What a wonderful recipe - and my first 5-star of the contest. I loved everything about the recipe. The ingredients worked well together, the instructions were spot-on, baking time was exactly 55 minutes and I nearly died waiting for the cake to cool down! Finally, I cut it while still slightly warm and loved each and every bite!!! The plantain comes through, nicely-spiced, streusel yummy, and butter rum glaze is out of this world! The only thing I will do differently is omit the lime from the glaze and add a little more rum. I will make this again over and over. I really hope this recipe wins. :-)

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evelyn/athens February 28, 2006

Oh just WOW. And I took a huge risk and made a few changes to accommodate my wife's gluten intolerance, making it for the first time. <br/>Instead of 2c wheat flour, I used 1.5c white rice flour and .75c cassava flour, also using rice flour in the streusel. Canola cooking spray instead of grease and flour in the pan. An extra quarter cup of sour cream.<br/>Also, I cooked the plantains slightly differently: microwave slices until soft, then pan sautée in butter with cinnamon and a bit of brown sugar. Cook, stirring frequently, until a glaze forms on the plantain slices. Transfer to a food processor or stand mixer and break down the plantains to a grainy level.<br/>Speaking of glazes, I also modified that a bit for quantity: half a stick of butter, half a cup light brown sugar, the juice of one fresh lime, and 3T rum. Oooooooh, boy.<br/>Bake time done my way was 45 minutes. Thank you so much for the recipe!

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sarikat November 28, 2014

This was good but not what I was expecting. It was definately moist. Next time I think I would use a different type of glaze for it (a thicker one). When I poured it over the cake it made it a little soggy.

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Queenofcamping October 12, 2006

We really enjoyed this cake. I used banana because that is what I had on hand. The strussel center made a nice difference. Thank you for the recipe

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Marlitt April 16, 2006

Bunny Mom, I've heard so much praise about your coffee cake that I tried it yesterday for the birthday party of my flatmate's girlfriend, which was held in our flat. There were people from lots of different nations including India, the Netherlands, Italy, the Caribbean, England, Scotland, Luxembourg and of course Switzerland invited, and everybody loved it! The taste of the cake is 5 stars for sure - and as everybody else I loved the streusel and the rum glaze, well done! The reason why I rate this recipe 4 stars and not 5 is that I wouldn't bother buying plantains for this cake if I made it again. I would use bananas instead, as they are cheaper (well at least in Switzerland), have more flavour and there's no need to cook them. Thanks for developing this lovely cake!

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tigerduck April 02, 2006

This was good, we like coffee cake and this was good. I really like the glaze that this makes!!! Thanks for posting

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kzbhansen March 19, 2006

My Heavens! What a great cake! A moist, cake with a wonderful streusel filling! Add the glaze.it's delightful! Loved the coconut, rum, lime,plantains and spices! Will definitely make this many times over! Thank you for an outstanding recipe!

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BB502 March 15, 2006
Calypso Coffee Cake With Butter Rum Glaze