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This was okay as published, but I made some changes and got a result I liked better. "Classic" French vanilla means using a vanilla bean when the milk/cream is heated, or at least adding some vanilla bean paste, in my opinion. I want to see those little black specks and have the fresher taste of real vanilla. The more common way to do this is to heat the milk/cream first with the split and scraped vanilla bean in it. Bring to a boil and then simmer for about 20 minutes. A few grains of salt (a VERY small pinch) bring out all of the flavors. Take the milk off the heat, take out the vanilla bean pod, and pour about half of it -- slowly -- into the bowl that contains the well-beaten egg and sugar. Mix well and add back into the remaining hot milk and cook over low to medium heat -- stirring constantly -- until thick enough to coat a metal spoon. Then chill thoroughly before churning. <br/><br/>Second, I think it's too sweet. I liked it better with 1/2 cup of sugar (and the same amount of Splenda also works). As far as being too "eggy" as one reviewer described it, I thought it wasn't eggy enough and added an additional whole egg. Probably just another yolk would do. Mainly, I think you should skip the extract and go for real vanilla.

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boxplayer July 23, 2013

I have only made ice cream twice, and wasnt fond of the first recipe. This one has redeemed the failure of the first try. This was fabulous!! Will definitely reccommend to all.

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Kirstie R July 09, 2009

This recipe came out way too "eggy" for me. The texture was great, though. I think next time around I'd omit some of the yolks.

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neobella December 14, 2006

I bought an ice cream maker two summers ago. I must confess the I had never used it, until I came across your simple, delicious and easy to make recipe. My sons ate the whole lot in one sitting and wanted some more,lol. Next time I will add some fresh fruits or nuts. Thanks!!

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Queenchef April 04, 2006

This is heavenly! I mixed the ingredeints in the morning, refrigerated for several hours and then made the ice cream mid-afternoon. Placed it in an air tight freezer container and allowed it to age in the freezer for about 4 hours before serving. It is creamy and delicious. Used the ice cream to make Grilled Banana Splits Grilled Banana Splits by Sharon123.

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PaulaG April 02, 2006
Bev's Classic French Vanilla Ice Cream