BBQ Banana

Total Time
5 mins
15 mins

If you like banana's, chocolate and marshmallows then this is the dessert for you. Its quick and very simple to make. Any chocolate can be substituted for the Hersey bar, we like the chocolate that has the caramel center as well. This is a good dessert for those BBQ nights or a special treat!

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  1. Hold banana with both ends facing up and cut through the skin down the center, lenghtwise, not piercing the banana.
  2. Pull the skin apart and make 8 horizontal slices into the banana, about 1/2 inch apart or so.
  3. Place a piece of the Hershey bar into a slice, and a Marshmallow into the next one, and so on until all slices are filled.
  4. Pull the skin of the banana closed again and wrap the banana in foil.
  5. Place banana on it's side, either on BBQ grill, with medium heat setting, this can also be done in a 350 degree oven.
  6. Let the banana cook for 10 minutes or until the banana is soft to the touch.
  7. Unwrap banana (the skin will most likely be dark in color or seem burned), let stand for 5 minutes (can be very hot), and enjoy!