Bailey's Milkshakes-For the Big Kids

Total Time
5 mins
0 mins

Here are a couple versions of a family favorite!! Try them all- they are scrumptious!!! And adult, btw!!! One version is straight, second is to add a banana, and third is to sub egg nog for the milk!!

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  1. Add in blender ice cream, chocolate syrup, Bailey's, and either the milk (with or without banana) or the egg nog.
  2. Blend lightly until just mixed to desired consistency.
  3. Pour or spoon into tall glasses and garnish with whipping cream, chocolate swirl, piroulines, or vanilla wafers and a mint sprig.
  4. Enjoy! ;).
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Oh my, was this ever yummy! No eggnog to be found and I didn't really feel in the mood to make my own eggnog, so used milk. Added a full shot glass of Baileys ~ rich and decadent!

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Delicious! I made this twice, and it always stays delicious. Since there is no eggnog this time of year, I used milk, and I did add a banana. Actually, I can't imagine this drink without a banana.

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This is very good and yummy! I could make this every night and I would be content. It is like a yummy a yummy chocolate milkshake but with a twist. Next time I will try it without the banana just for the fun of it.